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05 2023

In this edition: Cody Prince, Angela Lucas, and Music Therapy

Cody Prince shares with with the beginning of the outdoor concert season here in Asheboro, he thought it would be a great opportunity to write about how music can help us therapeutically.

In life, it can feel like we are constantly being bombarded with stressors from family, work, and social responsibilities. Sometimes we as humans have the tendency to bottle up emotions instead of releasing them, maybe because we don't know how. Music is a great way for us to release some of these emotions that are pent up. In fact, there are many studies that show that listening to some of our favorite songs can help our brain release dopamine, which is known as the feel-good hormone. Many who struggle with depression find themselves in better moods after listening to songs with fast tempos, because these upbeat songs can psychologically and physiologically stimulate and energize us for our day. Do you struggle with anger? It just so happens that those songs that you just can’t help but belt out in the car are a great way to cope after a stressful day.

Music that has a slow beat can, also, be used to help with your mental health. After a day where you felt like you were constantly on the go, calming music is a great way to relax the brain and to increase your time in letting the brain rest to stay mentally healthy. When it comes to personal spirituality, many can attest that putting on worship songs helps them connect with their faith and to focus some time on their relationship with God. Speaking of focusing, studies show that listening to classical music can help improve cognitive performance for work or school.

So, whether listening to some throwback beats or shuffling through the newest tunes, you can see that music has so many benefits to our mental health and is just one of the many gifts that God has given to us. Make it your goal this month, and every month, to find some songs that lift you up and help cope with your life stressors.

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