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MC Hartley

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have been a fully licensed therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) since 2012. My practice is focused on strengthening our youth to find their full potential! I love to help young people figure out how to recognize emotions, build emotional regulation skills, learn and master coping skills, overcome adversity, strengthen their self image and self esteem, challenge negative self talk, navigate adolescence, identify personal values, and achieve their goals. I work hard to ensure my clients feel respected, heard, supported, and valued in an environment without judgment. I value and respect cultural and religious beliefs and love to learn from my clients to incorporate those beliefs in our work together. 


My approach to therapy is to meet clients where they are, engage them, and work together to make the connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to live a more meaningful and balanced life. I strive to create a hands-on and active environment in my treatment approach by incorporating art, games, worksheets, music, books, and body movement into my sessions. I draw from a variety of modalities to meet the needs of each individual client; some of these include cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focused therapy, client focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and art and play therapy.


My experience includes helping families and individuals overcome trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, poverty, racism, and community violence. I have worked with clients struggling with grief and loss, depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, self esteem and self confidence, stress, and life and family transitions. I have supported families and youth involved in systems like Child Protective Services, the criminal legal system, and hospitals. I work hard to partner with parents, schools, social supports, and other individual needs to support each client holistically in a family/systems approach. 


I am vivacious, outgoing, caring, and talkative. I am passionate about Tar Heel basketball, social justice, coffee, volunteering, trail and road running, my family, and I make new friends everywhere I go!

MC Hartley

Master's degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Bachelor degree of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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